Sunday, July 10, 2011

Raise your hand if you know a 1st grader!

{insert picture of me raising my hand}
I cannot BELIEVE that my princess has finished kindergarten & will be starting 1st grade in the fall!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Cadence is very excited to be a 1st grader…I’m excited for her – but can’t believe how quickly she’s growing up. I mean, I was just seeing her get on the bus for the 1st time to go to kindergarten & now she’s done there & moving on.

This year has been A LOT of hard work for her. Her screening last March was rough – mostly centering around her speech (or lack of) & if she wasn’t already 5, they would have suggested a interim Kind year.
I was worried & she did receive a lot of extra help. It makes me so thankful to be in this school district. Her speech phobias are practically non-existent (she still has it sometimes) thanks to a lot of therapy (and a wonderful therapist). Cadence flew through the year eager to learn all they had to teach her.

I was and am so thankful for her teacher. What an amazing woman!! I’m so happy to see my daughter move on to 1st grade, but sooo bummed she has to leave her teacher behind.


There were no words to thank her teacher for doing such a great job with Cai. I did what I could by gifting things to her…

We went to Office Max & picked up envelopes, tablets of paper, construction paper, pens, pencils, white out, staples, push pins & paper clips.
We went to Hobby Lobby for a sheet of scrapbook paper with ribbon to match.
We picked up gum at the grocery store, wrote a letter of gratitude, ordered a “Helper Bag” (the helper bag is a bag she sends home w/a different student each week - they get to bring in something to talk about in class)  from Thirty-One, bought a 1 hr massage from Alan, we put together a “Sweetie Bar” jar, bought 2 pretty flowers & put them in a flower pot and finally put it all in a cute basket from the Dollar Store.

With the scrapbook paper, we opened all the pens & cut them to fit – so her pens aren’t boring. We tied them with the ribbon…Cadence insisted on opening the envelopes & pencils as well & tying those with ribbon.
A picture frame, stickers &a small pack of note cards w/F on the front (her last name)were also part of the gifts.

letter of appreciation

all together

Sweetie in a Jar ingredients

Sweetie in a Jar
Her flowers for her teacher...
Her music, reading interventionist & librarian all rec'd one of these..
The flower for her bus driver, Ms. Mary
the flowers w/their pictures & a note on them saying "thanks for helping me grow"
the gift certificate for her teacher's "Helper Bag"

I was pretty pleased with how the basket turned out & her teacher seemed pretty happy as well!

Cadence is excited to be a 1st grader - I'm just hoping the excitement lasts once school actually begins! She's enjoying her summer for sure. She's doing lots of swimming and having a ton of sleep-overs. The rest of the summer looks to be the same & maybe even some camping!

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