Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Convergence Excess

I’ve blogged before about how Cadence learns differently and how she was put on an IEP.  In Feb the school did a full assessment and found that she had fine motor delay as well as Convergence Insufficiency. 

I immediately scheduled her with a vision therapist for testing.  After the test results (which were heartbreaking) I was told she actually has Convergence Excess and that vision therapy would be a huge help for her.  It will not improve her IQ, however, it will make her eyes work correctly.  Right now, if she focuses too long, she will go cross eyed.  She gets headaches from reading for too long…

As for fine motor, she has problems with writing and manipulation. 

We started her in vision therapy & OT once school was out.  It’s a relief to know what’s wrong and to be working on fixing it.  She also switched from a non-stimulant (Straterra) and is now on Vyvanse.  There is a huge difference in her attention span.  I hate having her on it – but I also know she needs it. 

 I don’t understand why she has to struggle more than an average kid.  Of course, as a parent, you think back to how this could be your fault.  I had so much morphine during my pregnancy b/c I was in so much pain.  Did that cause it?  Did all the DVT’s do something to her?  Was it the fertility drugs?  She had sleep apnea, did that cause it?  I was induced at 37 wks, was she not ready?  Did her lack of daycare hinder her?  I just don’t know.  And it kills me….I just want her to be ‘normal’…I want her to have friends…she has 1 BFF…but she is awkward in social situations and doesn’t have many friends and it breaks my heart into a million pieces.  She is truly the nicest kid you’d ever meet…but other kids don’t have time to get to know that b/c they’re busy talking about the newest trend – which she doesn’t care about.

::sigh::  being a parent is one of the happiest, most depressing roles a person can play.  I would never give it up for anything – but the heart ache and seeing how unfair life can treat your kid breaks my heart!  Seriously - look at that smile!  <3

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