Monday, August 10, 2009

Bryleigh Noelle 8/6/09 - She's here!!

When Dr. B told me I was going to be induced on Thurs morning, I was so nervous. I was excited for her to get here, but not looking forward to the day of labor.
I had a hard time sleeping all nite & probably got about 6 hrs.
We woke up Thursday morning, dressed Cadence, showered & headed to drop Cadence off at daycare.
She was excited to have Andrea pick her up & even more excited to finally meet her little sister.
We arrived at the hospital for admitting & they couldn't find my induction info in the admitting. The l&d floor knew I was coming, admitting had spoke w/them, yet it wasn't anywhere else- but it was fine, I was checked in & taken up.

It took awhile to get things started. Dr. B came in to check me & said I was still at 3 & everything felt pretty good. They had already started the pitocin, so we were just kind of waiting around for it to start working.
Around 1:30 I asked if I could get up to go to the bathroom & the nurse came in to unhook me. When I was walking in blood started to run down my legs. I was like, umm..what's that from?
The nurse rushed me back into bed. I could see the panic on her face & I started to panic. I was trying not to cry but I knew that it wasn't normal.
The midwife came in to check me & said that my cervix wasn't even lined up w/the baby, but she couldn't see why I was bleeding. I was crying at this point.

Dr. B came down to check me & said that it was imperative that the baby's heartbeat was always tracked b/c they had no idea why I was bleeding & they didn't know if it was something to do w/her.
She also said that while I was laying on my side, my cervix moved to the right & B moved to the left, she needed me to switch sides.
A little while later, I had to go to the bathroom again - and there was more blood. I was getting really nervous - I can't even tell you the thoughts & worries running through my mind.
Around 4 when I went, there was less blood. I felt better but since I was still bleeding, I didn't feel that much better.
They moved me into a rocking chair & had me rock to help bring on the contractions & to line up my cervix & B.
Dr. B came in at 5 & said she was ready to break my water that everything had lined up.
Minutes after she broke my water the contractions started. Like, wow - omg those were serious contractions.
Dr. B had ordered the epidural. The anesthesiologist (Jr) came in & put in the epidural. After he got it in & started the meds, my heartrate went up. As they laid me back to even out the medicine, my heartrate went up to 150. Again, I could see the panic on my nurses face as she & Jr were discussing it. She says, heartrate is 150 - he said, baby's, right? She said, no moms. Are you sure?
Please don't discuss this over me. I'm pretty certain they made it worse. He left to get medicine to slow down my heartrate. Which again, probably made it go even faster!
He came back & it was dropping back to normal. Now it was down to 131. After I was allowed to sit up, it went back to normal. phew!
Dr. B came in to check on me & I wasn't really feeling much. My contractions had slowed down, but I was dialating still.
They started flipping me to my sides to help along the contractions. At this point Andrea got there w/Cadence. I sure she was thrilled to walk in to this scene - ha! I was covered but still - weird.
Nothing was really moving it along & I asked if I could sit straight up. It seemed like sitting in the rocking chair earlier really got me going. They put my bed up & I could finally feel some of the pressure of the contractions. I mean it wasn't strong at all & it wasn't w/ever contraction, but at least I felt it occasionally.
At 7:50 the nurse checked me & said,'re complete. REALLY?! SWEET!! But B was still up there a little high.
When the dr came in, she checked me & said lets see if you can sit up a little longer to get her to drop. I'll be back after I sign some paperwork.
She came back in @ 8:15 & said, let's try to push.
I said, but I don't feel anything. She said it was ok, let's try.
They put me back & said, ok, here comes a contraction, push..
I wasn' sure I was doing it right b/c I could feel nothing, but she said just do it. I pushed once, then they told me to push again at the next one.
She said to Dennis - look..there was the head...
WHAT? That was 2 pushes - are you kidding me. She said, ok, hold on, I have to put on my goggles & gown.
At that point I could feel the pressure to push & it was sooo hard to hold it in.
She came back & said, ok push. I pushed, but she said, stop, her head was out & she was sucking her out. Dennis said something & I started laughing...Dr B said, stop laughing - you're laughing her out. Only the thought of laughing her out made me laugh more.. Dr. B was holding her in. Oops!
Then that was it, she was here. I couldn't believe it. I pushed for over an hour w/Cadence & was miserable. This time was amazing.
As I was laying there w/B on my chest amazed & admiring her BROWN hair (hehe) Dr B pulled out my placenta. She found the bleeding. My placenta ripping away from the wall. Had it torn, it could have been dangerous for both of us, but B could have died. I wanted to cry b/c it scared me to know I could have lost this precious baby, but also b/c I was so thankful it didn't rip all the way & she was ok & laying on me - yucky looking but so calm.
I told Dennis I didn't want everyone in the room yet - just Cadence. I wanted to be able to meet as a family before everyone else came in. Of course Lisa was pissed & texting me to hurry up.
Finally I had everyone come in. It was crazy & busy & fast. I was happy for them to leave so I could have her to myself.
I'm so thankful that she & I are both ok & that she's so perfect. I was so worried about how I was going to love another child as much as I love Cadence, but there is no question about the fact that I love her as much as Cadence. I really didn't think it was possible. I love watching Cai interact w/Bryleigh. It's the most amazing feeling in the world to me. They're so beautiful together.


So now we are working on the new dynamics of being a family of 4. We've already had a few bumps...but it's a lot more smooth then it was Sat nite - haha.

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