Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend in Review…

It was a really nice weekend. I didn't really accomplish much around the house - but I had a great weekend, so I think that is more important :)

Friday we didn't really do anything. Dennis got home from school early, we went to bed early & that was about it.

Saturday morning we got up & cleaned, dropped Tiff's b/day gift off to her, ran to the store, came home, cleaned some more, I went & picked up Ahrianna, the girls played, Selena & Nathan came over. The 3 kids played t-ball w/Dennis, while Selena & I ran to the store.
We brought home pizza & cake & ate. Took Ahrianna home around 11:15 - I didn't get back home til after 12!

Today we worked on different projects around the house…smoking the bookcase & the hopechest. Sanding the walls…dennis did yard work.
FYI - smoking furniture doesn't mean just a quick coat of the "smoke"…you have to paint it first & then apply the smoke…
Ugh…so each piece of furniture is taking like 2 or 3 coats…hopefully I'll be able to start the faux finish tomorrow. It's annoying seeing a bunch of different projects going on throughout the living room!
No big plans for the week. Trying to finish up my little projects…Dennis has exams tomorrow & Tuesday. Then he's going to work on sanding the walls during the evening. Who knows - maybe we'll be ready to paint next weekend!! OR we'll pull the strips from the bathrooms & bedrooms…ugh…it's never ending!

Til tomorrow...

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