Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sleep, rather, the lack of sleep…

Bryleigh’s sleep pattern has never been consistent..from sleeping for 2 hrs at a time, to sleeping most of the night but waking up twice, she is now in a super funky stage..she falls asleep perfectly & wakes up bawling an hour later. Calming her down is practically impossible. Leaving her in the crib to ‘cry it out’ makes her gag until she throws up..and it’s so hard that she chokes herself. ::sigh::

Usually the only way to really calm her down is to take her out of the crib & rock her. Once she calms down, she’s wide awake & wants to play..and not just for a few minutes…like she’s gone 2 hrs playing before she started getting crabby again! Ugh…I’ve pushed her bedtime back an hour in hopes of making sure she’s REALLY tired and will stay asleep. Didn’t work.

I drag at work & when I get home b/c of the sleep loss…I just wonder how much longer she’s going to go through this! Dennis & I can barely function by the time 9 pm rolls around.

Any thoughts or tricks you’d like to share? We are ALL ears…

But no matter how tired we are…how can you not love this face??

Until Next time..
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