Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordful Wednesday..

Dennis was sent home from work early today, so he had both girls at home & dinner made & on plates when I walked in the door from work tonite. how fantastic is that?!

After dinner, I played with the girls for a little while. Cadence wanted to watch Toy Story 3, so I popped that in the dvd player & she watched that while Bryleigh played w/her popcorn popper & dollhouse, Dennis watched tv & I worked on fundraising stuff for SEA.

Bryleigh’s happiness was quickly going downhill starting around 8. I don’t want her to go to bed earlier than 8:30 b/c she a) doesn’t sleep well or b) gets up ridiculously early, so I was forcing her to stay up with us. She finally had a full on melt down at 8:25 & we quickly dressed her in her pj’s & put her to bed. Poor B!

Cadence & I read a few books & then she changed into her jammies & headed to dreamland w/her sister.

At this point Dennis & I should have gotten up & cleaned the house back up. Instead, we turned out lights throughout the house, went to our room, crawled into bed & here I am blogging, while Dennis reads a book.
The housework will be there tomorrow, but quiet time in this house lasts a very short time between the girls bedtime and us falling asleep.
Tomorrow my mom is having a jewelry party, but it’s going to be at Don Pablos. I will only stop out for a short time & then head home. Friday I have my final sleep study, so I want to get home & get everything ready for Friday.

Hope your week is well and your weekend is better!

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