Saturday, March 12, 2011

What are Cheer Soxx??

The most amazing thing since sliced bread!! For anyone that has a daughter that cheers, what is the worse part of getting ready for comps? Changing their shoes! I HATE changing her shoes. those stupid things are so tight & hard to get on!
Well cheer soxx are covers that go RIGHT OVER their shoes! Whaaaatttt!!?!! {insert Gus from Psych saying this! hehe}
I know right.
Another plus is a portion of every sale goes to Helping Schools Fight Bullying. They are currently running a competition. If you are #200 'liking' their page - you can win a free pair of these.

With Dennis' hours being cut to nothing - winning a pair would be amazing! So...please go to this page & 'like' it & look around - you might find something you like...let me know when you do..i'm watching it closely so I can be #200!!!

Cheer Soxx Facebook Page

Thanks guys!! <3
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