Friday, March 16, 2012

A little 'catch-up' with your blog..

I get a message one day from one of the mom's in Cai's class.  She's asking for snacks to be brought in for V-day party. 
I call her back - sure I'll bring in a snack, I tell her, while visions of fun Valentine's treats start racing through my mind. 
"Great, I was wondering if you'd want to bring in crackers & cheese". 
Huh?  I mean sure, it's better than the kids loading up on candy I guess, but come on, crackers & cheese?? That's not fun!!
It turned out I was able to be semi-creative....

I went a little overboard I guess, b/c 1/2 of this plate was returned. Yea, no offense, but after 20 little hands were touching it up, I'm gonna pass on re-refrigerating this. Thanks though!

For Christmas, my mom gave us a TGI Friday’s card. We haven’t really eaten there in some time, since they changed their ingredients and raised their prices to be exact. We did enjoy going & took the girls w/us too. Cadence loved her meal so it wasn’t a total waste!

After the meal, we took the girls to Aunt Sisa’s house & went to see One For the Money. It wasn’t bad. I fully expected to be completely disappointed b/c
A. I’m not a huge fan of Katherine Heigl or Sherry Shepard.
B. The movie is NEVER as good as the book.

It wasn’t as good as the book but it really wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be. Plus I had watched an interview w/Katherine Heigl a few days before & I’ve changed my mind about my feelings towards her.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think?

If you are looking for a cute movie to see, I would recommend this one at a twilight price!

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