Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tina’s Bridal Shower

My friend Tina is getting married next month and I offered to throw her a bridal shower. It was supposed to be at the clubhouse in my community, but it was double booked & we had to have it at my house. I didn’t think it would be a big deal even though we weren’t informed until about 3 days before the shower.

The morning of the shower, our toilet was running & water poured ALL over the floor. We had carpet in the bathroom (I hate carpet in the bathroom!) & had to tear it out & do a quick tile job.

It threw off my morning preparations but her cousins & future mother-in-law were wonderful in helping me decorate and prepare the food!

Sign on the front door

Her wedding colors are a dark purple & dark green…I tried to work those colors in wherever I could…She is also trying to add Japanese aspects throughout the wedding, as this is her culture. Her wedding invitations are on cherry blossom paper, the invites I made had cherry blossoms on them and the wedding program will have cherry blossoms.

The decorations were ideas I found on pinterest.

The famous tissue paper pom poms & the cool ceiling decorations..they didn’t turn out quite as good as I had hoped. However, b/c of the whole floor problem that morning, the decorating portion was kind of rushed.

The appetizers were in these cute little baskets...we used duct tape instead b/c
a. it was purple &
b. it was easy!

The food was yummy!

I kept it simple with a baked potato bar b/c it was a later in the afternoon shower. Past breakfast & lunch but before dinner. I think it was successful…

Her family also brought some pasta salad. For dessert a DELICIOUS cherry cake decorated w/purple frosting & purple cherry blossoms.

In lieu of party favors, I had 'tickets' for 15 min chair massages for the guests. I was pretty excited about having something different!
The front & back of the ticket...the # to the side is their wedding date!  :)

our menu board..
Other than the girls parties, this was the first themed party I've ever done.  I really enjoyed coming up w/ideas and stuff.  I'm kind of looking forward to my next one!

How about you??  Do you like to throw parties? Themed or just whatever happens type?

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