Thursday, March 15, 2012

How you doin?

We could be ‘doin’ a bit better.

My great-great-Aunt Sis passed away a few weeks ago. She lived a long wonderful life, she was 100 yrs old! Even at 100, she was still sharp as could be. It was hard on my Gramma, this was her mother’s sister. She was like a 2nd mom to my Gramma. It broke my heart to hear the pain in her voice.

On the day my aunt passed away, my Gramma received news that her best friend, Wendy, was diagnosed with liver cancer. Wendy is young, 63, and already suffering from Alzheimer’s. It’s not fair that she is now suffering in pain from the cancer, on top of not remembering.

Our 9 yr old lab Quinn was also diagnosed w/cancer a few weeks ago. He had a VERY large tumor on his leg which we had removed. Since it was cancer, we needed it removed b/c it could split open. It was 2lbs! My poor guy. He was pretty drugged after the surgery - and fell asleep w/his head in Dennis' console.
He’s doing good now, though he’s still losing weight. We’ve also found more lumps on his body, but they are small, so we won’t do anything with them.

Last week my great-Aunt Rebecca (my mom’s dads sister) told us that she has breast cancer.

Cadence & Auntie R

My Uncle (my mom’s brother) Rick had some blood work done & it came back critical. He saw an Oncologist yesterday. Last nite my mom told me my Aunt M (my mom’s sister-in-law) has breast cancer & starts chemo today.

I’m in shock and scared for my family. Please pray for them as they each enter into a new world of chemo/radiation & medicine.

PS. The winner of the last contest was Queena Da Castle..I contacted her at the closing of the contest but never did an updated blog post - so Congrats! :)
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