Thursday, May 16, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week - Thursday

When I found this one on Pinterest, I loved it b/c it was simple and cute..turns out the class was having rootbeer floats on Fri as a treat after their zoo guess my gift choice was meant to be! And since giving a 6 pk of mini-pop would be weird, I added a bag of m&m's.

Mrs. W, thanks for being an 'AW'some teacher! Love, Cadence

Bryleigh only attends school 4 days a week, for less then 3 hrs a day.  I still appreciate all she does, ESPECIALLY since she's working w/a class of special needs kids.  I wanted to get her something, so Bryleigh gave her a basket of goodies on 1 day.  4 bags of candy, an insulated cup & the basket it came in..

Mrs. L, Thanks for being so sweet!  Love, Bryleigh

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