Sunday, November 22, 2015

Christmas, Christmas time is here...almost

I decided to decorate before Thanksgiving this year.  It is the first year we’ve ever done that.  Last year, as we were packing up our decorations, I honestly felt like I didn’t get to enjoy them for very long.  Between school stuff, their practices & Christmas activities, our weekends were barely spent at home.  I know this year will be just as busy, which is why we did it now.  Plus, we usually do it the weekend after thanksgiving b/c it’s a long weekend.  But it’s always chaotic and stressful b/c we’re still trying to clean up from dinner and it ends up running into the following week.

This year, we had dusted, vacuumed and everything was ready for decorating.  Dennis brought in all the totes Sat morning and I said ‘fuck this – take them back out’ haha.  For a brief moment, I thought I was an idiot.  But, we decorated and by this am, the house was clean, once again, and ready for Santa.  Ahem, I mean Thanksgiving.

Our sweet Elf, Tippy, still won’t be visiting until 12/1, and the girls cannot wait! 

I didn't realize until after the picture that my lights were falling down - oops!


Friday, I went back on my Zoloft.  I’ve been so anxious the last few months – I just needed something to help me calm down.  But, while I know this will work in the next couple of weeks, I was anxious about starting it.  I HATE taking medicine.  I HATE putting more stuff in my body.  So even with the prescription ready to pick up at Walmart, I avoided it for a few days b/c I couldn’t stand the thought of another med, even though I know I needed it!!  Does that make sense?  My mind is exhausting. 

 Anyway, yay for Christmas happiness and medicated peace of mind…

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