Friday, April 4, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

This week has been nothing but busy - I haven't had much time to myself to relax, let alone blog. So much going on where to start - I'll start with
Last Saturday, I dropped Cadence off at Sarah's & headed w/the dogs to the event. Met a wonderful family for Ranger - however, Ranger had a vet appt on Tuesday b/c his hips weren't moving properly. The family asked to wait to see how the appt went.
Picked up Cadence from Sarah's & went home. Dennis got home from work, we had dinner & headed to church for a class. I was in need of some serious healing, so while
Dennis attended the class, I went to service. After service, I picked up Cadence from child care & waited for Dennis to finish the class. While we were waiting, a lady approached us & started talking to Cadence - she said "You're Cadence, right?" I'm thinking, who is this? She said, Hi, I work at Cadence's daycare. At first I thought she was talking about the Church daycare, but then realized she meant the regular one. We ended up standing there talking for about 20 mins. She was very nice - I really enjoyed talking to her.
Madison, Cadence & Dominic

Sunday - Dennis had to work, I went to church for another service & to volunteer. The service was about why does God allow suffering. Although the answer wasn't one that most skeptics looked for, it made me think a lot & while no one knows the true reason - I believe some of the answers I came up with make a lot of sense & that brings me some peace.
Cadence ready to go to Church

Monday was my mom's surgery, so me, Aunt Vicki & Mike spent most of the day at the hospital. Mom was having a lot of pain & they thought it was from cysts on her ovaries. They removed her ovaries & found that they were full of adhesions - so bad, that the dr couldn't find them at first. The one was stuck to the back wall by adhesions!
They're out now & she's relieved but in pain. She hates abdominal surgeries & can't wait to be healed.
Tuesday was back to work & daycare for Cadence. Ranger also had to be dropped off at the vet to have his hips looked at. When they called us that afternoon, it was bad news. My poor guy has bad hips. He has to have hip surgery on Friday for one & on 5/30 for the other.
Wed was pretty laid back.
Thursday- Angie & Heaven came over for awhile & we watched Ghost Hunters while Cadence & Heaven played.
Today Ranger was dropped off at the vet for his surgery. We picked him up this evening & he looks so sad.
I went to home group tonite & enjoyed myself immensely. I couldn't stay the whole evening, bc I had to get Lisa, but we talked about suffering & did it make us better or worse. We also had a wonderful dinner - lasagna, garlic bread & salad. Cadence was the only girl today, but she had a blast.
When I got home tonite, Ranger was whining to see us. We brought him into the living room w/us & he's breaking my heart. He keeps walking on his leg - he freaks me out when he does that - it makes me hurt!
Tomorrow we'll be taking Mo to the event - hopefully he'll get adopted.
Have a great weekend.
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