Monday, April 7, 2008

It's true - Spring is here!

This past weekend was some of the best weather we've had in...well I don't even know how long! Saturday - I took Mo to the event & unfortunately no one showed any interest :( After the event, I took him home & went to Aunt Vicki's to get Dennis. I offered to take Heaven w/us to the park. The girls had a blast! Cadence was so tired from running around so much - she was miserable!
I was happy when she finally fell asleep..

Getting ready to go down the slide
The girls going down the slide
Cadence hurt herself on the bars2 beautiful girls
Yesterday we stayed home & did laundry & cleaned. It was sunny - not quite as warm as Sat, but nice none the less.
Today was gorgeous! We didn't get out, but had the windows & door opened. It was great.
Not much planned for the rest of the week. I volunteer at the church office tomorrow evening for a couple hours. Home group on Friday..that's pretty much the extent of our week. Have a great week!
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