Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thursday 4/24/08
Nothing really exciting has happened this week. Dennis had a dentist appt b/c he broke his front tooth again & they told him he has the teeth of a 76 yo (either that or he has aged VERY well). We're trying to decide how to proceed - he's teeth are awful & it's just going to keep happening.. Other than that, not really much has happened this week. We like quiet weeks! :)

Sunday 4/19/08
Lisa hurt her arm, so she went to the hospital & I kept Tae & Chai for her. I took them to Church with me - this was the first time I went to the Toledo campus. It was AWESOME. I really enjoyed it. Of course it's MUCH smaller than Pburg, but it really rocked. I'm going to attend there on my off weekends at Pburg. After Church, I took Chai, Tae & Cadence to the meet Dennis for lunch at Toledo Hosp. They had fun & ate well. As we were finishing, Lisa called & said she was ready to go. I picked her up & took her home. When Dennis got home from work, we watched tv & played Break the Ice w/Cadence.
Enjoying lunch
Oops, she blinked
They love each other!

Saturday 4/18/08

Malachai's b/day party was today. It was supposed to be at Nickel World, but things changed & it ended up at Swan Creek. When we got there it was very windy & chilly. The kids didn't care - they loved playing. We did cake quickly b/c the wind was getting so bad. After we cleaned up & were getting ready to leave - it got warm. Figures! Alan decided to take Colin & Chai to McDonald's Playland since they didn't get to play outside for long. Matt tagged along. Aunt Vicki thought it was a good idea & took Dj & Heaven. Poor Cadence was going to be left out b/c I had to run Lisa & Tae home. Thankfully her Nana agreed to take her. She was thrilled! We picked her up & went home & relaxed for the rest of the evening.

The kids playing @ Chai's party

Havin fun even though it's chilly

Happy 5th Birthday Malachai!

Friday 4/17/08

Ranger was adopted today! I'm so excited - it was someone I work with that adopted him. He's got 7 kids so Ranger will never be bored. He's also on better pain meds - so he's not messing with his hip anymore.

Thursday 4/16/08

Not much going on today - just a regular day of work & daycare. My mouth hurt from where I got all the shots during my extraction yesterday. I did start to feel it when he was pulling & he had to stop to numb me some more. I'm happy it's finally done!
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