Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dentists, Dogs & Daycare

On Monday - Uncle Scott was worried b/c his face was swelling up. He ended up at the hospital. After a few tests & lots of worry, he was sent to a oral surgeon to have his gums drained - ouch! Poor Uncle Scott.

Dennis had to work all day Monday - he left the house @ 7 am & didn't get home til 10:30 that nite. He was exhausted.

Tuesday was a long day for Cadence - she went to daycare all day, got picked up @ 3:45 & dropped off at Alan's b/c I was working in the Church office & Dennis had to work. I picked her up @ 8:15 & brought Colin home w/me so Alan could lay down b/c he had a migraine. When I let Ranger out of his crate - I found that he had tore his stitches! Why do dogs have to make it so much harder?! Dennis got home at 9:45 & took Colin home.

Yesterday, Dennis took Ranger to the vet & they put in 3 staples & gave us a cone so he we don't have to crate him & while he's uncrated, he doesn't chew anything in the house.

Cadence's teacher told me how sweet Cadence is...She said that Cadence was very shy the first couple weeks & that she's finally coming out of her shell. She said that Cadence loves to help the teachers in the room & that after she's helped them for a little bit, they remind her to go play with the other kids. She said that Cadence has a "best friend" named Destiny. She is also new so her & Cadence have something in common & usually go off & play with one & other. She said sometimes they play with the group. My heart was about baby has a "best friend. :)

After work yesterday, I had a dentist appt b/c part of my wisdom tooth broke off. They did the exam & b/c I'm on blood thinners, I have to wait til next Wed to have it pulled. I can't wait, though. I'll be happy to get this bad boy out! Then I have an appt for a cleaning & I have one cavity. Not bad for not having been to the dentist for a long time!

Tonite is cleaning nite - I have so much planned this weekend, I HAVE to get it done tonite.

Tomorrow is Home Group - we lucked out & are only having pizza - so no cooking this week! Woohoo!

Saturday I am attending a tupperware meeting & then we have Church Sat nite.

Sunday is Jacob's 6th b/day party. It should be lots of fun. It's a bowling party, so I bet Cadence will have a blast.

Have a great weekend!
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