Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday 4/15/08
I studied & prayed that I would absorb all the info & that I would pass my test. Thankfully I passed!! I was so relieved, I felt like screaming from the rooftops!
We took Cadence to her pediatric dentist appt today. She was scared & it broke my heart. The repairing (cap & fillings) will be broke into 3 appts which she will be given nitrous at each one. Poor Cadence!!!!
At the dentist before the exam - note - she's happy...

Tomorrow is my dentist appt to have my wisdom tooth pulled & I can't wait b/c I'm sick of the pain. Have a great rest of the week!

Monday 4/14/08
Nothing much happened today. I had a class for Church & of course studying for my test tomorrow @ work. I'm nervous about the test - it's a big one.
Mike's Mom had a stroke over the weekend & has made an amazing recovery. The home aide was at their house giving her pills & noticed something was wrong - they got her to the hosp asap & because of it all of her side affects have reversed!

Sunday 4/13/08
Not much really happening today - Dennis has to work & our laundry needs to be done. I'll be working on that & cleaning. Ranger is going to a different foster home while he heals. He's hurting himself here b/c of his pain & we're not home all to help him through it. Poor guy!

Saturday 4/12/08
I took Mohawk to the event & met a REALLY awesome couple. I'm waiting to hear from them about possibly going to their place so Mo can meet their cat. Here's to hoping - he deserves a TON of attention - he's such a good boy!
While Mo was at the event, Cadence & I met Dennis at the hospital & had lunch with him. Cai was so excited & she got to meet some of daddy's co-workers.
Waiting for Daddy in the hosp cafeteria

Dennis, Cadence & I went to Church this evening b/c Dennis has to work tomorrow. It was a great service - I even saw someone from Home Group there.
When we got home from service, we turned off our ringer & had family nite. With us working so much & volunteering & studying (I have a HUGE test for work on Tuesday), we're not getting much family time. We watched the Alvin & the Chipmunks movie & had popcorn & sweets. It was an amazing evening - we're going to try to do it weekly!

Friday 4/11/08
I ended up making the mexican casserole for group. Apparently one the one of the girls didn't get my email offering dinner which was why she offered pizza. Since mexican was already brought up, we stuck w/that. Cadence had fun playing w/the kids & she wasn't the only girl this week - Ahrianna was there, too.
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