Monday, August 3, 2009

Zoo trip = Crappy Monday

Last week Sarah asked me if I wanted to go to the zoo & I didn't that particular day. So we decided to go today.
This morning she texted me & it was clear neither of us felt like going, but both of us sucked it up & got ready. We met at Wendy's on the Trail & I parked the truck there & rode w/her b/c she has a membership & gets free parking.
Here we are waiting for Sarah to join us...


Once she got us, we headed over to the zoo. The girls had fun standing next to the polar bear..


We headed over to the train & went for a ride. Here are Sarah, Madison & Dominic (doesn't he look thrilled?)


Cadence & I...


Cadence had a blast!


All the animals we saw on the ride..




Sarah & Dominic checking out all the animals..





After the ride we headed over to the new children's area. The girls has a blast! While we sat & waited for them I noticed my back (my sciatic nerve) was starting to hurt. I tried to stand up & almost fell over from the pain. It didn't get better & at this point I couldn't even walk. Sarah asked for help & they sent a medic. I was sooo embarrassed. But there was no way I was going to make it back over the bridge. It would have been impossible.
She dropped me back off at the truck - thankfully it was my left side so it didn't hinder driving.

Cadence & I got home & I couldn't get into the house. It took me at least 5 mins to make the 30 step walk. I was crying the whole time. I got into the house & balled, while she woke up Dennis.
I had my nst scheduled for 1:30 & it was already 1. Dennis helped me out to the truck & drove me to the drs. I could NOT walk into the office, so he got a wheelchair for me. He wheeled me up. They were confused - I explained my sciatic nerve was so sore I couldn't walk. They took me back to the test & just to move from the wheelchair to the chair I was crying. It was awful.
Dr. B came in & said she'd give me pain pills & send me down to rehab if they could fit me in.
They couldn't get me in b/c my NST took too long. But she sent me over to L&D & I got a morphine shot & they monitored me.
Dennis brought me a sandwich b/c it was almost 5 & I hadn't had a meal since 10. I was laying on my side eating & reached for a napkin & my back popped. It felt good.
I was still really sore, but I could feel the difference. I was able to walk w/o bursting into tears.
I went home & was told to relax as much as possible.
The issue w/me is b/c of my DVT's I can't go on regular bedrest. I have to remain active. But there's a fine line - it's hard to find sometimes.
However, at this point I'm to lift NOTHING - I really didn't anyway, but now it's even more important.
I'm happy to be home & I do feel a lot better. Still a sore, but I'm able to get around w/a lot more ease.
Here's the Princess playing around..



And do you remember this post where I had that lady jack up my arm? Well it's been a week & this is what my arm still looks like..oh & btw, she didn't even have the correct test run!!!! I had to go back 2 days later & have more blood drawn b/c she had my PT/INR (a test for when you're on coumadin) ran - not my PTT (when on heparin). I'm sorry, they are similiar, but I saw the orders & it's hard to mistake PTT for PT/INR. I was upset...


So that's my crummy Monday - I hate them even when I'm not working! :)

'Til next time..

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