Friday, May 4, 2012

Ozone Depletion...

It's March and it's in the 90's! I'm not really enjoying this one bit.  I LOVE spring/fall weather & this..well this is summer weather & it's got to go.  I'm due at least 2 more months of spring, dammit!
During this display of ozone depletion, we hit up Tony’s Cones & Coney’s to help cool us off! Cadence fell in love w/the peanut butter ice cream flavor. Yum!

On a different note, Bryleigh tortures Hudson & Lola on an hourly basis. So I had the brilliant idea of getting her another kitten. I.AM.AN.IDIOT! We got a boy kitten, which we (Bryleigh) named Bud Bud. I think b/c it’s similar to Bug Bug, which is what we call her & she can actually say it.

Well, Bud Bud is only 5 wks old & still has claws. FML. I hate claws. I hate kittens. Bud Bud is also the most aggressive kitten I’ve ever met. He can be so sweet & loving & the minute you have food, the little carnivorous bastard attacks you for it. He bit Bry in the mouth b/c he wanted to get the food out of it. WHAT?! He chased the dogs & played w/their tails like they were cat toys. Poor Gizzie couldn’t get him off of her..ever.
He used his claws every time he jumped on/off of us. It was terrible.

Finally, after 3 wks of torture, we switched kittens. I wanted a male b/c they are usually laid back & can handle the kids torturing them. Ya know, the kids break their spirit & they’re fine w/it. Girls are bitches, and let’s be honest, that doesn’t just run in the cat family.

Well our new kitten, Maizey, is a girl. She’s nowhere near as aggressive as Bud Bud & she’s quite cuddly. She purrs SOOO loud I can hear her coming from a few feet away.

Order is returning in our house now that Bud Bud is gone. We still can’t wait til Sept – when she’s old enough to be declawed. But at least she’s more gentle than Bud.

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