Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day weekend..

The weather this past weekend was BEAUTIFUL!! I was ready to go outside & enjoy it.

First up, though, lunch w/my lovely friend, Lynn. She moved to MD a few months ago & was in town to visit – I was lucky enough to have her pencil me in for a lunch date.
The girls were supposed to go to my MIL’s but she didn’t get home in time & I didn’t have time to wait. They went with us & were pretty good during lunch. Thanks my little lovelies.

After lunch we cleaned out the car, got some ice cream, visited Andrea & played outside.

 By 5 o’clock we were ready for Daddy to come home – so we headed west & picked him up at Greg’s…where he had spent the day doing body work to Greg’s car.  The girls visited Nana for about 10 mins & played in the backyard while we waiting for Dennis to finish up.

When he climbed into the car, he let out a big sigh & suggested pizza for dinner. YUM! By the time we actually got home, it was after 7. We ate dinner, changed into jammies and cuddled on the couch watching tv.

Mother’s Day was fantastic.

I was given a beautiful potted flower from Bryleigh (she made it in her play evaluation at pre-school!)

 & a hanging basket from Cadence.

Plus both girls made me cards!

My mom, Greg, sister, Jaiden, brother, Jenny & all their respective kids came over & we cooked out. The kids played outside & both of my girls were EXHAUSTED by the end of the nite!

I hope you had a great weekend & Mother’s Day as well!

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