Friday, May 4, 2012

Wendolyn Louise Wentlandt 10/13/48-4/24/2012

Dear Wendy,

I don’t think there is anything I can say that would explain how wonderfully sweet you were. Your warm, welcoming smile – your sweet jokes and beautiful laugh.

You were my Grandma’s best friend, more like a little sister. You were friends for over a decade, but it seems you were always part of our family. You comforted my Gramma during hard times and us in the process knowing she had someone so wonderful, 1200 miles away, with her. There are no words to thank you for that.

When you started showing signs of alzheimers, we all hurt for your. We knew how scared you were to advance like your mother. For 10 long years, you battled the disease. You were a strong woman during those years, as you were when you took care of Rick & your mother.

I know you are happy to be home with Rick, your baby & Blondie. You are whole and no longer hurting.

We love you Grandma #2!

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