Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Photogenic Bug, Dancing Queen & Chai turns 9!

Bryleigh LOVES being the center of attention & as soon as the camera comes out – she poses. It cracks me up just how much she loves getting her picture taken. After all the pictures I’ve taken, you’d think it’d be like pulling teeth – but nope – she puts her hands on her hips & smiles..

Tina’s wedding was BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had more pictures – but they were on my phone…which Bryleigh dropped in water…boo.

This picture shows Bryleigh having a blast dancing…

I also have a video of Bry dancing at Aunt Kathy & Steve’s wedding. Holy dancing – the girl didn’t stop!! She was a hit on the dance floor.

Malachai’s 9th b/day party was at Nickel World. The kids always have fun there. I hate the smell of change – so I don’t really partake in the games – but watching the girls play is fun for me.

Cadence was excited to turn her tickets in for a pair of fangs..ooohh – scary!

Aiden was freaked out by Bryleigh's hyperness...

And it seems every kid in the family loves Monster High!!

We're pretty lucky to have so many kids in the family & for them to all love each other  :)

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