Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets..

When my wonderful friend, Val, texted me and asked if I could watch her baby, Lola, while they went to Disneyworld, I said of course!  I knew Lola could be a bit on the standoffish side when she meets you, but I knew we’d get through the week with no huge problems…and we did.

I got to Val’s to get Lola and as I was opening the door, she immediately started barking.  I was talking in my baby voice, saying Hi Lola!  Are you ready to come over for a slumber party?  Her return bark made me believe that in fact, she was not ready to party the week away at my house.

She was in her crate, so I unlocked it and called her out, enticing her with ‘wanna go outside?!’.  No, she didn’t.  She just continued to bark at me.  After about 3 mins, I opened the side door of her crate, hoping she would come out one of them.  Nope…

I was standing by the front door and she FINALLY left the crate, by quickly running and hiding under the table.  Ugh.  So, I moved all the chairs and scooted the table…she then ran and hid under an endtable.

Really Lola, this is how we’re doing this?  Everytime I would go near her, she would bark at me.  I knew she was scared.  I took her leash and looped it so that when I could get close enough to her, I could wrap it around her neck.

After about 10 mins, she came out and jumped on the couch next to me.  I tried to pet her, but she declined the loving.  After a few mins, I was able to move quickly and get the leash around her neck.  She immediately ran to the front door, finally ready to go out.

Thankfully she walked with ease and jumped right into my car.  By the time I had walked around to my side and got in, she decided I we could be friends and let me pet her.  We headed over to pick up Cai from practice, and as she climbed into the back and reach forward to pet Lola, she was informed (by Lola) they weren’t friends yet and not to touch her.  HAHA.  I could tell that this was going to be a fun week.

Once we were home, I had Cai bring Blitz around back to meet Lola.  He wanted to play and she was a little intimidated…but after a little bit, she started running around with him.  She also had accepted Cadence as part of the group.

We relaxed the rest of the evening, with Lola sticking close to me, nervous about her new surroundings.  When Dennis got home, he had to wait for her to induct him into the club.  It took about a half hour.  He even tried bribing her with chips!  She would steal the chips and run and hide and eat them.  He was offended. 

The week went much smoother than I thought.  She did accept all of us and liked to cuddle.  At night, she hogged the bed, but she was well behaved.  The only thing she did that drove Dennis crazy was jump at him when he tried to come to bed at night (good girl!).  She wasn’t being aggressive, she wanted to play.  As soon as he would lay down, she would run up to the head of our bed with us and start playing with him.  For 5 mins he would argue with her that it wasn’t play time, it was sleep time, all the while, playing with her. 

The only disagreement we had was I wanted Lola to stay in the crate while I was gone. She apparently disagreed. When I got home I went to let her out and she had already let herself out and was sleeping in my bed. I said, Lola, you're naughty. She barely glanced at me as she jumped down and walked out to the couch and laid down.
Clearly She didn't care about my opinion.

When I finally took her home the following Tuesday evening, I told her she better remember me and not try and eat my face off the next time we see each other.  I texted Val later that evening and asked how she was doing once they all got home and she said fantastic – she ran out of the cage and jumped in Val’s bed and went to sleep! 

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