Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The last first...

One of many last first's happened today….Bryleigh lost her 1st tooth.  Sure, we have already had a lot of last firsts, she walked, she talked, etc...but this was big for me.  Maybe b/c I'm about to turn 40?  But this seemed like a huge milestone that makes me a little sad.During the tooth pull (which was very traumatic for both of us – she was acting like I was trying to murder her and after thought it was awesome her tooth was out, while I felt devastated my baby is growing up), I was sweaty and annoyed b/c she wouldn’t let me pull it.  It was hanging on by a thread and I didn’t want her to swallow it or lose it at school and not have something to put under her pillow.  Cadence swallowed one once, which I didn’t care about b/c at that point, we were about $20 deep with the tooth fairy.  But for the FIRST…well, I wanted her to go through the whole routine!

Anyway, after it happened, and I was driving to work, it occurred to me, this was the last-first tooth my children would have. 

Sure, grandbabies will lose teeth and I will be excited for them…but this is my baby…and she’s not a baby anymore and proof of that is in a baggie under her pillow. 

I may have shed a few tears on my way to work.  Hell, who I am I kidding, I bawled (my meds are not right) and then I thanked God for letting me have that moment. 

We tried so hard to have babies and lost more than are here before we finally had ours.  And the pregnancies were hard…and Bry’s labor was scary. 

So even though it was the last-first tooth that my babies will lose, I am thankful to have experienced it.

she thought she was going to be gushing blood...

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