Thursday, March 27, 2008

WooHoo - it's ALMOST Friday!!!

Monday - Cadence started daycare full time. I was excited for her to be going everyday - I think going all day, every day will help her in a bunch of ways. She'll be around other kids, so she'll get lots of play time in. Playing w/other kids, will help her speech. She won't be in the house snacking w/dad all the time (dennis is a great dad, but when she's bored & wants to snack - he lets her). She'll be working on colors (she knows most of them), shapes (she know 5 shapes), her alphabet (she knows all of it but the l-p portion) & counting (she can count to 12). They will also work on writing & learning days of the week & months. I'm excited for her to learn these things. She's very smart & catches on to things quickly, but once she knows how to do it - if she's no longer challenged, she gets bored. Now, she'll be learning so many different things, she won't be bored anymore. Plus, not being stuck in the house, she'll have more to talk to Madison about on the phone!
She & Madison talk about 3x's a week - but Cadence usually only talks about the dogs or her toys. Madison goes to the babysitters, so her days have something different all the time & their conversations end up one sided & Madison gets bored when Cadence only talks about the dogs & toys.
Dennis picked up Cai from daycare & when I got home from work, made tacos for dinner. We dropped Cai off at Marge's so that Dennis & I could go to class at church. When we got to Marge's after class, Cadence was ready to come home. It had been a long day for her & I think she needed the comforts of home. Dennis pulled up in front of the house so that we didn't have to walk in the mud & as I was getting out, Cadence started crying b/c she thought I was going home & she was leaving again. She just kept saying, I want to go home too. I brought her in the house & she curled up on the couch next to me. We headed to bed around 9:45 - I was exhausted, but I think Cadence was fighting it. She kept talking & trying to stay awake. I finally got her to sleep & I was out before my head it the pillow.
Tuesday morning it was much easier to wake Cadence than yesterday. She was a little cranky in the bath, but once she was dressed, she was much happier. I dropped her off at daycare & she kissed me good bye. She was very shy, but I'm hoping it didn't last long & that she started playing. I only checked on her 1 time yesterday! I was so proud of myself… I'm not sure if it's b/c we didn't see each other much yesterday, but I felt like I had to check on her 10x's! I didn't, but I sure wanted to! When I picked her up, she didn't even want to leave. She was playing w/the blocks w/some little boy. I had to physically go over & carry her away from them.
Yesterday was a long day at work. When I got to the daycare to pick up Cadence, they were outside playing. I figured I'd never get her out of there. However, she was ready to leave (mostly b/c she had mud on her pants). On our way back through the daycare - she took me into her room to show me their art projects. She has made a flower & there's a picture of her in the middle & they also made caterpillars. They were very cute & she was very proud of her work. My mom was going to Alan's after she got off work to run him over to pick up a pizza - I suggested she should pick one up for me. She hung up laughing. Around 6:45, my brother called & said, meet mom outside in a minute, she's got a pizza for you. YAH MOM!! It was yummy & we didn't have to cook it - which made it even better!
This morning Cadence was ready to go to school, that's all she kept talking about - but again, when I dropped her off, she was very shy. It makes me sad, but they said she opens up & has fun not long after I leave.
As for tonite - not much planned, watching Ghost Hunters that was dvr'd last nite & doing some much needed laundry.
Tomorrow nite is home group for church - we're going to have a potato bar & salad for dinner.
Saturday is Dennis' 32nd b/day. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you look at it financially), he has was asked to work. It will be overtime at that point - so it will be worth it.

Since he'll be working, I'll be taking Ranger & Mohawk to the event. Here's to hoping they find their forever homes..
Cadence will go play with Madison - she's pretty excited about that!
Sunday is my weekend to volunteer at the Welcome Center at church - so I'm looking fwd to that.
Have a great weekend!
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