Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stuff x's 3

We officially started moving into our new place yesterday. I guess I didn't really post about it, but we are renting the downstairs of a 2-unit duplex. I guess the upstairs neighbors are ok…nothing special about them. He works at UPS, the girl works at Texas Roadhouse. They have a cute 5 yr old little boy - Cadence is thrilled. Hmmm…this family…they sound like someone I know… Oh yea, it's Alan, Jenny & Colin!
Not the best neighborhood, but the price is right. We're hoping to pay off this large bill we've recently received in the year we have the lease and be able to buy a house at the end of the year.
We got everything packed from my moms. Still have to get Dennis' tools from the garage & some of our stuff from the pole barn. Then Sat is the big one - storage. Yikes! We have a lot of stuff btwn Dennis, Cadence & myself - we had an 1800 sq foot house of we're in a tiny duplex. Not quite sure where all the 'stuff' is gonna go - but we'll figure it out.
I do have a semi-good moving story - NOTHING like the last one - but I'll get to that at another time.
It was amazing to sleep in until 7 this am, not leave til 7:44 and still be at my desk at 7:59! Oh yea, that rocks.
I miss Selena & Nathan, I loved going over there in the evenings, but now we'll just have to make trips to each others houses to visit.
Guess that's it for now - I'll work on my latest move story & post soon - have a great Thursday!
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