Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boxes & more boxes

I'm so ready to be done moving. I forgot how much I hate it and it hasn't even been that long since my last move! I hate it all, the packing, moving, unpacking, finding a spot for everything - it's just too much work!
So, with that being said, guess how we spent our weekend…that's right - moving. Fun stuff, I'll tell ya. For starters, I worked my butt off Fri nite at my moms - cleaning & packing the rest of the stuff we had there. A whole truck load all by MYSELF!! My mom & mike were sleeping and then my mom left & mike sat on the couch & read a book - dennis was at work - so I did it all! I moved a chair, and comp, and a tote and boxes and bags. My back was KILLING me!! I ached all over by the time I was done. I didn't think I was going to be able to do it, but if I waited for Dennis, then we'd have even less time to do the storage shed & my mom wasn't there so I sucked it up & got to it. I was sweating…yuck!
Sat Alan & Dennis got our new entertainment center.
Then they went & got our couch - don't even get me started on the couch drama from Friday! Than the 5 of us (Alan & Dennis in the truck & Me, Colin & Cadence in Aunt Vicki's van-hmm..how did I get stuck w/the kids?) Anyway, we went to storage & the kids watched the dvd player, while we loaded the truck & the van. FYI, it was FREEZING on Sat!! My fingers & nose hurt they were so cold.
Got that stuff unloaded & dropped Aunt Vicki's van back off & went home to bed. It was late, we were cold & dennis had to work Sunday morning.
Sunday I unpacked A LOT and cleaned up messes and was actually pleased with my progress. Then Dennis got home…which meant back to storage for me. We dropped Cadence off at Marge's so she could help celebrate Dallas' 14th b/day - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALLAS!! Picked up Aunt Vicki's van again (thanks Aunt Vicki!) went to storage, than to my moms & back to unload. Picked Cadence back up, got gas in Aunt Vicki's van, dropped it off to her, went to Walmart, then home, had dinner & then went to bed.
Where did the weekend go?! Last note there was no moving! Just UNPACKING!! BLAH! Got a lot done though.
Tonite, more unpacking - probably a little moving tomorrow - you know, to fill up all the space I will have emptied tonite…oh well.
Have a great evening!
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