Tuesday, November 25, 2008

From one storage site to the next

We have succeeded in emptying the storage shed we were renting. Sunday was the last trip from there, it's now empty & clean. I wish I could say the same for our apt. There are boxes upon boxes now. It's awful. There is a small path from the front door to the livingroom, where the path widens for a few feet and quickly becomes narrow again as you approach the kitchen.
I was thinking, if we could live in the kitchen for the next year & ignore the front 2 rooms, life would actually be ok. There is not an item to be put away in there. I have successfully emptied every "kitchen box" and put the items in them in a new home. It's beautiful.
The bathroom - also very clean & liveable..the utility room, well except for the dirty laundry laying in front of the washer that I meant to load this am - also very clean.
Thanksgiving is 2 days away - it's not as though it has to be immaculate, as it's only Alan, Jenny, Colin & possibly Jenny's dad stopping by. But dang…how about a place to chill for a minute? I guess depending on what the contents of the box are, you might find a nice squishy one to sit in. Of course, you are taking your chances that the box if full of pokey toys.
No cable either, not a great combination for a 4 day weekend, but we decided to put it off b/c there is no way a cable guy would be able to get around in this mess to get us connected.
THANK GOD for Netflix!!
As always - have a great evening & think of me as you watch your cable & know that…jealousy runs through my veins..
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