Wednesday, February 18, 2009

High Risk Pregnancy Pt 2

As I enter my 3rd month of my 2nd high risk pregnancy, I often think back to my first. I try to keep myself calm by trying to remember the things that happened during that pregnancy. At 8 wks, we found the DVT's, at 20 wks, the kidney problems started & stopped at 22 wks - then started again @ 35 wks.
I honestly don't remember a lot of the little stuff - morning sickness, exhaustion, hunger, cravings, etc b/c they were overshadowed by the big things.
There seems to be a lot to worry about when you're high risk, but one nice thing about being high risk, is the care you receive & how your case stands out to drs.
With Cadence, I had an AMAZING mfm (maternal fetal medicine aka high risk) dr. I didn't realize how lucky I was until I read his obit 2 yrs ago. Dr. Arias to me, was a funny guy w/a thick spanish accent. But to the world, he had written books & studied and taught in many countries, so I was lucky w/o knowing how lucky.
With the loss of Dr. Arias, the MFM dept at Toledo Hosp has changed & they know longer see patients, except a few days a month where they consult w/you. You are co-managed w/other OB/GYN's, who, while may not specialize in high risk, because they are working closely w/the MFM drs, you are basically cared for w/the same concern.
This pregnancy has already started out w/a little more excitement than most "normal" pregnancies. When was 8 wks, I was having a pain in my left side - in about the spot where my ovaries are. It felt almost like a cyst, but not quite.
I was nervous b/c of my history of miscarriages & went to Baypark ER. They did an u/s, but didn't let me see the screen & the tech was very vague & apologized for not being allowed to tell me anything.
I was devasted, expecting the worse. When the ER dr came in to talk to me, he was also very vague & said, you have a small tear near the sac w/some bleeding - you need to call your OB in the am.
I was heartbroken & scared. Dennis & I prayed & I cried a lot. I hadn't actually seen an OB yet, b/c I was trying to stay w/Toledo Hosp b/c they have the MFM dept there. I had a 20 min appt where I filled out a 2-sided sheet w/the mid-wives there & that was it.
So I contacted them the next morning & the receptionist that answered was so rude & acted put out that she had to squeeze me in somewhere. It would be a week before they could see me & I was so scared, I didn't want to wait.
I contacted the dr. that Baypark had put on my discharge papers, Dr. Barrow. I was 99.9% certain, that she was a resident at the time I was having Cadence & that she helped deliver her w/Dr. Arias.
When I called for the appt, the receptionist was so kind & pulled up my records & confirmed the pool of blood - but also said the baby looked GREAT & the heartbeat was 167! Why didn't the ER dr tell me this?
I didn't care that this info wasn't told to me the nite before, my baby was ok - that was all I cared about. I rec'd an appt & when I went in, got another u/s where I was able to see the baby. The heartbeat was a strong 170 & looked great. I was so relieved. The pool of blood was implantation bleeding & was being absorbed - so Dr. Barrow wasn't worried.
As we talked about my previous pregnancy, I did tell her that she helped deliver Cadence & it was w/Dr. Arias. She smiled when I said his name, and I prayed she learned a lot from him. As we talked about why I was induced and I started talking about my kidneys - I could see in her face she remembered. She interruppted me & said - I remember, she was laying on your ureter b/c of the extra system…I said - yes! She said, it's all coming back to me!
I was relieved & thankful that I found her. She was taught by a wonderful man & even remembered my case from 4 yrs ago!
I told Dennis, if nothing else, at least being high risk makes you stand out!
I've already had a consult w/the MFM dr - who was very nice. I've had another u/s & have my 1st trimester screening u/s set up for Monday 2/16.
I'm thankful that I found Dr. Barrow & even more thankful that God helped me find her.
I feel safe knowing I have her here to take care of me & God to be the real caregiver in this pregnancy, but not just b/c I was scared - because I found Him long ago & know the things He does!
"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12"
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