Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Discovery Channel Birth Day

So I watched Birth Day on Discovery Channel earlier this week and another show that was alternative birthing methods…I should NOT watch these shows while I'm pregnant. I was scared - especially watching the latter. That woman was screaming and scared the life out of me.
I will be taking the epidural again - after 9 mos of 2 shots a day - some I don't even feel - most I do, I feel that I deserve the comforts of drugs while I'm pushing a child out of me.
My cousin didn't use drugs - that's fine for her, but she didn't do 500 shots either. My body has been through enough un-drugged pain in my pregnancy to deserve numbness.
So, I talked to my friend Michele about a 1/2 dozen times last week, while She was at the hospital having her little baby boy. We were all so excited & I enjoyed listening to her about contractions (ones that weren't hurting her) and getting ready to have him. I was thinking about Cadence & about the new baby. Well, when she called me at 3 pm, she had to stop talking and breathe through a contraction…it did not sound good - very, very painful…so again, excitement to fear…
It was all worth it when she was holding that gorgeous little boy - but still a little freaked about what I'll be doing again in 25 wks.
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