Tuesday, February 10, 2009

August 2009

August 2009 will be a month of celebration for my family & friends.
Starting on 8/9, Aunt Vicki & Uncle Jay will be celebrating their 12 yr wedding anniversary.
On 8/14, my Gramma will be turning 71.
On 8/15, my friend Lindsay will be getting married. Also, on 8/15, my Uncle Tracy will be marrying Diana!
8/17, Dennis & I will celebrate 7 yrs of marriage & Matt will be turning 28 a day later - HA 2 more yrs til you're 30!!!!!
8/21 is Angie's due date &
8/25 is my due date….wait, what? Oh yes, that's right - I'M PREGNANT!!!!! Do you know how long I've kept this in?? EIGHT of the LONGEST WEEKS of my life! :)
We found out when I was 3 wk/4d & it was confirmed w/a blood test when I was 4 wks. And 2 days later, my levels were checked to be sure they were rising & they were. Today, I am 12 wks pregnant.
I've had a couple u/s's & got to see the little peanut & the heartbeat was 176. I'll post pictures as soon as I get my scanner hooked up again. We're over the moon & can't wait to hold him/her. Of course all we want is a healthy baby, but a boy would be a nice round out.
Also, I was advised by Cadence that she doesn't want a girl & if we have one, we can leave her there.
At least she doesn't hide her feelings.
Anyway, now that I don't need to keep my secret, I won't avoid any more phone calls & I'll go back to regularly posting on blogger - which will be where I do most of my baby updates.
Also, thank you, to those few people for keeping my secret - w/o being able to share it w/someone I would have hung myself.
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