Friday, February 6, 2009


Yah tomorrow - how Cadence has looked forward to tomorrow! Why is this such an exciting day? It's her birthday party!!! YAH tomorrow. We're going to be having a blast at Chuck E. Cheese & we'll be celebrating it with about 25 of her friends & cousins & hopefully at least that many parents..hehe - seriously, I'm so excited for her.

She's so excited, I'm not sure who she most excited is coming - Ahrianna & Brayden or Skyler or Madison - she's just so excited, she can barely contain herself.

It's been a long & trying 8 months for Dennis & I. We were devastated that we lost the house b/c of Westhaven & all the money we put into it and sometimes, I took for granted that Cadence is a kid & it probably doesn't affect her. I'm not sure what would lead me to think that, when she's said things that shows how affected she was.

After a week or 2 of staying w/my mom, she would say things like, I want to go back to my big white house, why can't we go back to my white house, to which I'd reply, it's broken, honey, we can't go back anymore. If we'd drive by it on the way to daycare, she'd cry, momma, it's not broken, look, I want to go back. It broke my heart into a million pieces - it was those times, I wish I could grab John Ulmer & choke him. He broke my child's heart - all she wanted was the security of her home and I couldn't give it to her.

She'd open my Thomas Kincaide books & tell me she was going to buy us this house & that house and we would move our beds there with the dogs & the cat and live there. That was one of her favorite things to do when I said "do you want me to read you a book". Really, at 3 yrs old, she shouldn't be worrying about that.

When we moved into the apartment, she was so happy. Little things changed about her, the way she played, how she would run around the house, not worried I was going to yell at her to keep it down & not bother my mom & Mike…she would talk about "her new house" with a big smile on her face.
When went back to my moms a few days after we had stayed at the apt to clean, she cried all the way there that she didn't want to live w/Nana & Mike in our room (we shared a room while there), she wanted to go back to her new house. It was a long evening b/c she was so worried we were staying there - no matter how many times I told her that we were only cleaning, she didn't believe me. She was so happy when we pulled back up to her new house.

She ran in & fell onto the couch & fell asleep. My baby…

So will the party cost a little more than we wanted to spend? Probably. Will it be worth every single cent to see her happy - ABSOLUTELY!

Happy 4th b/day my Princess! We love you.
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