Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can’t think of a good title!

One of the things that I've done while off work is go through the clothes I've rec'd as gifts & from Cadence & from friends. I've washed them all & folded & put them away. That was a lot of work :)

Below are the 2 outfits I have it numbered down to that I would like to bring B home in...
This outfit was a gift from my baby shower


This outfit is from my friend Lynn that left CSE & moved over to Midwest - miss her! but this outfit is so cute!


And as anyone here in Toledo knows, the weather has been pretty jacked up this year. Sometimes it's humid & hot - other times it's a little on the cool side - so if it's cool - this is the outfit we'll be coming home in...


Feel free to comment or email me & let me know which of the 2 top outfits you like best...this will also be the outfit she gets her hospital picture taken in :)

So Sunday nite, Cadence crashed EARLY - it was about 8 when I realized I hadn't heard from her in a bit...this is what we found upon you can see - coloring is a rough sport!


The little princess slept through the nite!


Monday I had to get my blood drawn for my PPT (I've switched to heparin & this is how the figure out if my blood is too thick too thin) & for anyone that has rolling veins, you know what a pain it is to get your blood drawn.
I've been fortunate enough to find someone at St. V's that's REALLY good! She always get the vein & I never feel the needle go in. So when it was time for the draw, I went over to St. V's. It was PACKED! I was dissapointed when I got called back & she wasn't working. I mentioned to the woman about to do the draw that they were pretty busy (I had waited over an hour!) & she said, yea, I'm not usually down here...
I should have taken that as hint #1!
Instead I said, oh...
She's feeling my arms & says, where do they usually draw?
I turned my right arm slightly - it's weird, but they usually get it a little to the side..
Anyway, she says, oh on the side, she starts feeling & wiping really far over.
I say, well they don't usually go over that far...
Oh no, I feel the vein.
She puts the needle in & hooks the syringe up...nothing. Everytime she pulled the syringe out - it'd suction back up. Hmm..that usually means you're not where your suppoesd to be. She decides she's going to move it around a little. Felt great.
She says..well maybe I'm too high up..
I wanted to say - or too far over...
So she pulls out a butterfly needle (they are very small) & sticks it about a 1/4 in below her first site. OUCH!
She again tries to get blood out & a little comes out but not enough to fill the vial, which apparently if it's not full they can't use it - fantastic.
She says, I only poke twice & if I can't get it, I have someone else come in & do it..
Good - at least she's smart!
She calls out to the girl in the office...
Cherie - I think I need some help..
Really - you think?
Cherie comes out & the first tech says to me, well you have some good veins in your hand.
To which I reply "Yea, I'd prefer you don't use my hand if possible - they usually blow".
So she starts looking at my left arm while Cherie walks away...wait, where are you going?
So the first tech is feeling my left arm & says, oh here's a good one..
I was concerned b/c they RARELY find a good one in the left arm...but she sounds pretty sure of herself.
She takes another butterfly needle & sticks it in. Nothing..
She calls Cherie - I think I need you.
Cherie comes out & starts looking at my right hand while the other lady is digging around in my left w/the butterfly needle.
I winced in pain & she says, does that hurt..
Yes..but what I really wanted to say was - no it feels great - let's do this for the rest of the day..
Cherie says - ok - I'm gonna go in your hand.
Oh great b/c the other 3 pokes have went so smoothly.
but thankfully - it did go smooth - it hurts still but at least it was successful. When I walked out - this is what I looked like...




Everyone that passed me was looking at me as I had 3 bandages on the right & one on the left. I felt like a human pin cushion..
This is what my right arm looks like now...


Yesterday was pretty laid back - Cadence stayed home w/me & we just stayed home - playing barbies & reading books.
Later today we'll be going to the gym for Cadence & then back home. I've been taking my early maternity leave seriously - I'm not doing anything I shouldn't & mostly I'm relaxing. To be honest, last week I don't really think I did ANYTHING!! This week I'm doing some cleaning up & such - but again, it's all "light duty" :)
Anyway - have a great day &
til next time...

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