Friday, September 18, 2009

Bryleigh’s hospital stay..

There's nothing a mom hates more than when her kids are feel so helpless. Well Bryleigh decided to take that to a whole other level for me! It started on the 3rd when Cadence had spent the day w/Lisa. That evening Lisa called me to say that Taevion had a fever. Nothing else - no upset tummy, no complaints, just a fever - it was gone the next day - replaced by a rash, which also lasted a day. greaatttt...
The following Monday (Labor Day) after a long day of playing, Cadence got a fever of 102.5. Nothing else.. The next morning, she was fine. That evening she got a rash which was gone by Wed.
Overnite Thurs, into Fri, Bryleigh was really warm, I could tell it was a fever, but thought it would run it's course as it had w/Cadence.
By that afternoon, I knew it was more & we went to the drs. He told us to go straight to the ER. He was so urgent & adament, I was SCARED! This was my 5 wk old baby!!!!
We went straight to Toledo. They did a spinal tap (to rule out menengitis), gave her an iv & did a catheter (only to empty her bladder to test her urine). It was heartbreaking. From one of my g/f's I knew spinal taps were awful & my poor baby was getting one. I didn't want her to, but I also knew I couldn't mess around & debate the need for it.
She was a trooper. They stuck the needle in, she cried & then fell asleep. They admitted us b/c her fever was so high.
The first nite was awful, her fever coupled w/crying whenever we moved her (the dr said it's like the flu - your body aches everywhere), even Sat morning was no treat.
Dennis had a test that morning, so he left. Dr. L came in & I was so relieved. She's such a kind woman & wonderful dr, I felt a weight had been lifted off of me after I talked to her. The spinal tap showed she had enterovirus - a viral infection. Almost as common as a cold & older kids get over it w/in a day, but for infants it's too hard on their underdeveloped systems.
They had her on 3 different antibiotics while they waited for the bacterial cultures to grow. Better to be fighting it incase there was something else.
When Dennis got back around 1, I went home & showered & relaxed for a bit. I visited Cadence & then went back up to the hospital. Dennis left a bit later to get Cai & take her home for the evening.
There was a huge difference in how B was acting from the time I left to the time I got back. She was a normal happy baby.
She was still running a fever & a little fussy that evening, but by Sunday she was happy again. She was released that evening @ 10 pm. The cultures had just come back negative & so we were allowed to leave!! It was awesome walking through the door w/my baby in my arms!
The first nite
In her big old bed
Cadence checking in on her sister
The 2nd nite - feeling better but still tired...
My baby is contagious :(
The morning after we got home...happy to be in her sister's arms!
Til next time...
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