Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Parades & Quinceañeras

Saturday morning started w/a bang! We had to be in Perrysburg by 9:15 for the parade that CSE was marching in.
We arrived bright eyed & bushy tailed...or so the saying goes..but really, I arrived puffy eyed (from exhaustion) & crabby (could have used another hour of sleep!).
When we got to the float I saw this rather large dog...

Here are the girls looking at a dead squirrel..yuck!
My Princess...
Skyler & Cadence playing tag...
Cadence & Skyler
The Duchess doing what she does best...
Riding on the float..
DSC02572 DSC02573 DSC02574
After the parade we went to Olan Mills for pics w/all the great-grandkids & Gramma..a few samples..

Once that was done, Cadence went w/Lisa to Nickel World for Colin's b/day party..I headed to St. Peter & Paul for Selena's Quince.
The pictures consist of Selena's grandpa, her Grandma her Great Grandpa, her uncle & cousins, her court, her step-dad, mom, sister & brother & finally Selena & her dad.
Here Selena is leaving the service & church & then it's pics from her dinner & dance. A few shots of us..her Godparents bringing her the pillow, her Grandparents clasping her necklace, dancing w/her dad, step dad, Josie, Ray & the boys & most importantly - her mommy! Finally the dance her court put on...It was a beautiful nite!
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Til next time...

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