Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sunday was Bryleigh's baptism. There were 3 other babies getting baptized that day. After mass we all went up to the font & the ceremony began. It was pretty & it was awesome that Gramma was able to extend her stay to witness B's first sacrament!

After the ceremony, we headed out to Frisch's for brunch.

We all had a great time & hated leaving. We left the fun & went to Ahrianna's 5th b/day party. Unfortunatly, we were only able to stay for a short time, but Cadence had fun while we were there.

We could only stay for a little bit b/c we were invited to a delicious dinner at Lisa's! She made baked chicken, mac & cheese, yams, dressing & greens.
It was small dinner party - Lisa, Jaiden, the boys, Dennis, myself, the girls & Gramma. The food was great! For dinner Gramma brought an amazing chocolate cake.

We left shortly after dinner so that I could get to bed b/c I had to start my first full week back to work on Monday :(

Til next time...

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