Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Bryleigh is a little over one month old, but at the time I started the post she was exactly one month old. Things have been hectic on this end, but now i'm trying to get on the ball before heading back to work on Fri (already - so bummed!)...
I'm going to borrow Michele's idea of updating on Bryleigh's milestones...

Bryleigh's days consist of...

smiling (& no it's not gas!)
projectile vomiting all over me spitting up currently on prevacid for GERD/acid reflux
in size Newborn diapers still
loves to be held
weight last appt (on 9/1) was 7lb 2 oz
wearing newborn clothes - the pants are still too big
is starting to enjoy being in the swing
LOVES sitting in the bouncy chair
drinking 2 oz every 2 hrs to try to control some of the spit up - poor baby!


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