Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Irregular again???

Saturday I spent a few hours at the ER b/c my heartbeat was going fast again.  :(  
It was my fault, I missed a dose of medicine & noticed around 4 my heart was fast.  When we got to the ER it was 125.  The lopressor kicked in & by the time I left 3 hours later it was in the 80's.  So thankful I didn't have to stay overnight in the ICU again.
I was disappointed b/c I was supposed to have a Premier party - so rescheduling that for a few weeks away.

Meanwhile in our house Cadence has learned to ride without training wheels.

Unfortunately, she hasn't learned how to stop.  So riding down our road (thankfully a cul-de-sac) she has run into the neighbors car, trash (on trash nite) and our tree.   Thank you Snell Foundation for making the first bike helmet.

Another milestone my princess hit - reading a full book all by herself! She's read it so much now, she knows it by heart.

A few days later she finished her 2nd book all by herself.

I can't believe how much she's grown this year...she was JUST starting kindergarten...and JUST learning to write...and JUST wanting nothing more than to stay home w/mom & dad...and JUST...getting ready to finish kindergarten :(
My oldest daughter has taught me more about life than the 27 years I had before she was born...Cadence Colleen - thank you for being so wonderfully you! Daddy & I are so proud of you & all you have accomplished this year.

I'm looking forward to finish putting together her teacher's gift to deliver Monday at the end of the school day.

Friday is Dennis' 2nd surgery. He's excited to finally get all this behind him & get back to work. His release date for work is 6/21! I'm excited that he'll have normal paychecks again - disability sucks but at least it's something.

Tonite we found out Cai has thrush. Ugh. She won't eat & she keeps crying - I feel so bad. She's on a mouthwash now & I'm hoping it works quickly. It breaks my heart to see her in pain.

Tomorrow is my Friday at work - woohoo! And what better way to end it then w/a birthday celebration for Lindsay. I'm looking forward to some yummy treats - including the coconut balls I made. I'll share some pics & the recipe soon!

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