Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Voice 6/7 Recap

Although I thought it was cool to see the team captains get together & do a show...I was anxious to see how the 'live' shows were going to work - so I just wanted to get past the opening  :)
The first performance of the night from contestants was Raquel Castro, the youngest of the competitors.
She sang “Blow”, and danced her butt off! She freakin looked adorable. I enjoyed her performance & knew this is who I was voting for.

Blake's 1st performer was Jared & I thought he had a good voice, but I wasn't overly impressed. He sang "Use Somebody" and worked the crowd pretty well.
Bev was the next one from Team Christina. She sounded really good and even though she was worried about a cold - you couldn't tell while she was up there singing. She was singing "I'm the only One" & I was torn between her & Raquel.
Dia was the next one from Team Blake to rock it & she ROCKED it! Her shyness was gone & she blew it up. I LOVED it.

Christina's team does Lady Marmalade - it sounded fantastic.

After they finished, it was Xenia's turn to perform. OH.MY.GOSH. girl's voice was amazing.

I was torn between her & Dia. They both sounded great. I actually ended up doing the same amount of votes for both because I truly couldn't decide!
Lily, Christina's final performer, hits the stage & sings "Big Girlds Don't Cry". She sounded good but I don't think there is anything that makes her stand out.
Team Blake comes out & performs to a song by Maroon 5. They sounded great!
Last from Team Blake was Patrick - who I've never enjoyed.
And to close out all the performances was Frenchie. She sounded great & looked great!

I can't wait for next week's show to see who wins! AHHHHH!!!

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