Friday, June 3, 2011

The Voice - 5/31 Recap

Team Adam has left the best for last (in my opinion) Jeff Jenkins against Casey Desmond in a duet of “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me”. I was blown away by both, while the latter wasn't my favorite, she impressed me. I was still all about Jeff - but I enjoyed listening to Casey. From the beginning Jeff has had me hooked. His voice - uh - I love it!

Blake’s final two performers are Xenia and Sara Oromchi. Both girls were VERY nervous & both had their voices crack a little - Sara more than Xenia. But honestly - even if Sara's hadn't cracked - there is something about Xenia's voice. It's got this raspy, bluesy tone. Thankfully Blake picked Xenia!

Christina’s team is up next, and her final pairing is Lily Elise and Cherie Oakley to sing “Since You’ve Been Gone”. This one did nothing for me & I didn't really care who won..I did like Cherie a bit more than Lily - but eh - whatever. Lily won.

The last battle is Emily Valentine vs Curtis Grimes singing “Need You Now”. They end their duet with a kiss shocks the audience AND judges! This was another dual that really didn't matter to me - but again, I enjoyed Curtis just a bit more and he won - woot! :)

CANNOT wait until next Tuesday for the live shows...I'm practically foaming at the mouth with anticipation!

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