Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To-Do Weeks 72-76

As much as I enjoy having a weekly checklist, I just can’t keep up w/posting them on here. I enjoy posting them on here b/c it’s nice to go back & see what I’ve accomplished – what can I say, I’m a list nerd! To make my ‘listing’ personality & my ‘time’ both happy, I’m going to make my to-do Tuesdays monthly…they’ll rarely fall on Tuesdays now - but at least I still feel like I’m getting my list in!

The list is long - we have a new place…so much to do…but that will be the work in progress list…and I will have towards the top, my appt/everyday lists… The list keeps it straight – no matter how much or how little!

To check out what the to-do is about To-Do Tuesday click on the post-it below...

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

Weekly Tasks..


Week 68
5/1 Happy b/day Uncle Butch!
5/2 Happy b/day Randi!
5/2 Happy b/day Sierra!
5/6 Happy 16 yrs together Dennis <3
5/7 Happy b/day Kasey
5/7 Kasey's b/day party
5/7 happy b/day Selena!!
5/7 Bryleigh's Dedication

Week 69
5/11 Dennis' limpoma surgery @ 2

5/14 Oregon Fest

Week 70
5/17 Happy b/day Jenny!
5/21 Rally by the Rails parade for SEA
5/21 Selena's Graduation Party

Week 71
5/25 Happy b/day Quinn & Bella
5/28 Happy Anniversary Aaron & Bobbie!!
5/28 Memorial Day Parade
5/28 Flower Day

Week 71
5/30 happy b/day Cheyenne!!

Week 72
6/2 Happy 2nd B/day Sormane!
6/3 – Happy b/day Heather!
6/4 – Happy b/day Lindsay!

Week 73
6/6 Cadence’s LAST day of kindergarten – gulp!
6/9 – Happy b/day Angie!
6/9 – Happy b/day Lynn!
6/10 – Happy b/day Michele!
6/10 – Happy b/day Jody!
6/11 – Happy b/day Kari!

Week 74
Nothing as of right now! WOOP!

Week 75
6/19 – Happy b/day Ethan!
6/25 – Happy b/day Jeremy
6/25 – PPI Screening

Week 76
Another week of nothingness!

In no particular order:

Clean truck
Clean masterbath
Clean spare room

make curtains in front of washer & dryer

Pull strips/Sand/Clean up/Paint:
our room
our bathroom
laundry room
spare room

Smoke micro stand
Paint our bedroom furniture black
Pick out paint color for our room
Paint light fixture base in B’s room

Build 2 shadow boxes for Cai's cheer stuff
Buy blinds for our bedroom
Buy new light fixture for diningroom
Buy new light fixture for kitchen
Buy new light fixture for above island
Buy matching drawer handles for our dressers
Buy headboard/footboard for our room
Buy Backsplash for the kitchen
Buy new sectional
Estate sales for dining room outfit
Buy black paint for highchair
Buy pic frames
Tile the Bathroom floors
Hardwood in the dining room

Outdoor Projects
Buy grass seed
Buy tree for yard
Buy hanging plant baskets
Replace 5 window screen frames...grrrrrr....
Color-match the shutters to paint the front door & trim around shed
Buy patio blocks
Build trash can holder
Stain Decks

Make a Dell Family Est. 2002 plaque for front door

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