Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trophies & Dogs

One of the things Cadence's coach did to get the girls excited about their first exhibition was to tell them that they were going to get a trophy for doing such a good job! How exciting - it's all Cadence talked about. Everytime we'd walk into the gym, she'd point to the few dozen trophies already on the wall & say "I'm gonna get a trophy, momma!".
I tried numerous times to explain to her that the trophy was for the WHOLE team, but she ignored my rational comments.
Fast forward to the 1st exhibition at Lake…trophy time…ONE big trophy - Cadence trying to figure out why she doesn't have one.
It's hard to explain to a just turned 4 yr old that she doesn't get to take it home. She was really upset b/c it's all she looked forward to.
Fast forward a few more weeks to their 2nd exhibition - where again, they get ONE trophy. This time she expected it & just looked at me from the bleachers, frowned & shrugged her shoulders as she passed it on to the next girl on her team.
Dennis & I looked for one we could give her, that way she wouldn't feel ripped off. It was too no avail. I talked about it at work & last Sat CSE had their family & friends day. Andrea came & didn't come empty handed - that's right - she found a trophy!!
Although Cadence didn't show much appreciation at the time, she said thank you, but acted all shy (grrr…I hate it when she acts like that!), she did give Andrea a REAL hug when she left.
The trophy has become an appendage for her. It's quite silly actually. She takes it everywhere. She sleeps w/it, carries it randomly around the house, had her Spiderman kiss it…she loves it.
Today, my phone rings - I look at the caller id - Nikki (the foster coordinator for PPI)…hmmm…I'm hoping everything is ok. I just read an email from her the day before that one of the fosters homes burnt to the ground & their dogs died in the fire. 2 of their own & 3 PPI dogs. One was Jefferson & although he wasn't my foster, I had helped them out w/him before. I cried a lot after that email. I can't imagine coming home to your house being gone & your wonderful pets having perished in the fire.
Thank God the family was safe.
So I answer my phone & she asks me how I'm feeling - how's the pregnancy…then she says, I have kind of a favor to ask.
I get excited, knowing it's most likely foster related. No, I know I CANNOT do a foster at this point, not in an apt, but's nice to dream.
I say ok..she asks if I can dog sit for TWO days ONLY. Nothing long term…calm down.
I of course can't wait to say, of course. She explains they're going out of town on Fri morn & will be back on Sun. They have a dog sitter coming a few times a day to feed her dogs & let them out, etc, but Sweet Girl has to be crated b/c she likes her daughters toys & that would mean she'd be caged from Fri-Sun w/about 2-3 hrs of free time.
While she's explaining to me what Sweet Girl is like, Dennis says, Who is that? I mouth Nikki…he squints his eyes at me. I laugh & tell Nikki, who also cracks up. I tell him, calm down - it's just a dog sitting thing.
He shrugs & walks away. So, this Fri-Sun, we will be opening our home to a beautiful pup, Sweet Girl, who is available for adoption @ Planned Pethood.
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