Monday, June 8, 2009

The first weekend of June 09…gone…

I can't believe we've entered the 2nd week of June already. I'm not complaining - it means I'm that much closer to holding my new baby - but wow…June.

On Friday after work, Cadence & I ran home & grabbed my camera, stopped at Kroger & then we were off to Amy's house for Buddy's 8th b/day.

Buddy is a pretty cool standard poodle. He's laid back & loves to have balls thrown for him!
When we got there, 2 of her friends were leaving (man - do we know how to clear a room!) & so that left Amy, Cadence, Buddy & I.

Not sure what this face is that Cadence has on - a little scary..
Amy bought Cadence some Dora bubbles (thx Amy!) & Cadence was thrilled. She played w/those for awhile & then moved on to throwing the ball for Buddy.
After awhile we were joined by Andrea & Beans. Cadence was thrilled - Beans, not so much.

Beans is too small for the party hat..
Cadence loving on Beans..
Andrea (Cadence's new idol - she didn't want me - she wanted Andrea) & Cadence

I told Dennis that she's his stalker - poor little guy. Now that Lola & Hudson are getting so big, Cadence has a hard time holding them…ok, she has a hard time holding Hudson b/c he's so big (already 8 1/4 lbs!) & a hard time holding Lola b/c Lola hates her & is always trying to escape!
Anyway, after some yummy dip & Cadence getting to help unwrap Buddy's gifts, we headed home.
I had to have dinner before 9 b/c I had my 3-hr glucose test on Sat morning.
We were in bed by 10 & asleep by 11.

I woke up bright & early on Sat morning - much to my chagrin. I wanted to sleep in so badly, but was up around 7:15 to get ready & be to Baypark by 8 for my 3-hr test.
The gross orange drink..

The test was long & I was happy to get out of there.
I went home & relaxed for while before we headed over to OLPH's festival.

Cadence had a blast & rode a few rides…

She played a few games...

Won a bear...
And she also won a baton..

After we ran over to Walmart, picked up a frozen meal for dinner (we were tired!), went home, cooked it & watched Harper's Island.
As soon as it was over, we headed to bed.
Cadence & I slept in on was great…when we woke up, I turned on cartoons & laid there trying to fall back to sleep. Eventually we started singing & then took a bunch of pictures…we have too much fun - don't be jealous!

The rest of the day was spent in the house doing nothing - well except laundry…which might as well be nothing - hate laundry!
When I woke up this am, I was disapointed b/c this is the 2nd weekend in a row that I missed sleeping in on Sat…next Sat isn't looking too hot either b/c we have to be at the UAW park for PPI's 30th b/day celebration @ 10 - gasp - another early morning - it's just too much!
Seriously though, I'm looking forward to next week - it's a great fund raiser & it will be nice to see PPI people that I havent seen in quite some time. .plus Cadence is excited b/c she's spending the day w/Andrea.
As for the rest of the week…
I'm looking forward to quiet tonite & tomorrow (Happy b/day Angie!). Gym on Wed (Happy b/day Michele & Jody!), quiet on Thursday (Happy b/day Kari & Scooby!) and a except for the PPI thing Sat, a quiet weekend.
Gramma is leaving Fl on Sat (Be safe!) & should be here Monday!!! I'm very excited about's been about 10 mos since we last saw her.
Til tomorrow…

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