Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a weekend - I know - it's Wednesday!

So the last few days have gotten away from me so I'm only just now posting about the weekend.
It was such a nice weekend & we really enjoyed it. Friday evening was just Cadence & I at home relaxing. We played games & went to bed early for our early start on Sat.

Saturday the 3 of us got up & watched tv & before we knew it, it was time to get ready. We all showered & got dressed. I'm not sure what/when/how it happened, but we ended up running late.
I was so frazzled I basically forgot everything needed for Dennis & I for our day of volunteering.
Never fear, Cadence was ready - she was ready for a few days. She packed ahead of time…all she talked about for the week was how she was going to spend the day w/Andrea! She was so happy the day was finally here, that all morning she was ready to leave.

We met Andrea at the park - gave her Cadence & headed back to set up. It was a little disorganized…like I had no idea how many tickets were needed to play games, did they get prizes, where the balloons & darts were for the balloon popping game..

Dennis ran home to get chairs & the camera so I could take pictures of dogs. When he got back, we got all the info & were ready to go!
On a funny note - one of the chairs Dennis grabbed was a kids chair..haha..i left that for him. He sat in it, although it took him a minute or 2 to get up every time. Even funnier!

I should have sent my camera w/Andrea - she would have probably gotten better ones b/c I only got pics of 2 dogs. I would see a dog, but would be in the middle of something & not be able to get a picture :(
One of the most important things I forgot…sunblock!! Yep - by the time I realized it, it was too late. Although Nikki did have one of the boys bring me over a large umbrella, so they helped stop any further burning.

Around 3:20 Nikki came around & told us to start packing up - there were storms headed our way. I picked up our area, while Dennis helped Mike & some of the other guys w/the bigger stuff.

Andrea pulled in around 3:45 & told me that Cadence was good & had lots of funny stories. At least she's entertaining!
While w/Andrea, they headed over to her mom & dad's & went swimming. I didn't pack a bathing suit b/c I didn't know they would get to go swimming (not that I'm bitter about sitting in the sun burning while Cadence got to swim…it's fine & I suppose I'm happy Cadence had fun…though…I would have rather gone swimming than smell dog poop - ha!) so Andrea, her mom & Cadence headed over to Target. Her mom got her 2 bathing suits, a beach towel & matching bag!! Andrea got her LPS animals which we've played w/almost every nite since Sat.
They went to 'Fry Donald's' & had ice cream. Cadence had a lot of fun & was completely exhausted when I got her.
When Andrea was pulling away, Cadence said, where's Andrea going? I said - home. She started balling…she was tired & had so much fun, she didn't want Andrea to leave!

We went home & relaxed for awhile before heading out to go to dinner. After dinner we stopped at Walmart for a few cleaning items & cat food (my 20 lb cat, Cadence's 8 1/4 lb Hudson & Lola were STARVING to death, as they hadn't had food since the nite before!) and headed back home.
We were in bed by 9 & Cadence was out by 9:30!
Sunday we woke up & did more of NOTHING. We went to the grocery store & Cadence said she wanted to get Andrea & Deb flowers to thank them for the day before.
We stopped at Krogers b/c they have such nice arrangements, but the one on Manhattan doesn't sell flowers anymore!!!
Cadence said she'd make flowers like on Calliou. We headed home & started on tha that project while Dennis made dinner.
Here is one of the bouquets of flowers. Plus we got a thank you card for each of them.

Not long after we finished those, she took her bath & headed to bed. It was a nice weekend, busy - but w/a lot of relaxing involved. How perfect is that!

Til Tomorrow

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