Monday, June 1, 2009

Mommy Confessions

This started last week & I found via Michele's blog. The 'creator' of this new series is Victoria over at Life Starring Ellie and Eve. The series is called The Mommy Confessions. & didn't want to wait til the end of this week to join in.
My mommy confession for the week - I tune out Cadence. I feel guilty when I do it, I mean, she's excited and has SO MUCH to share with me - but I’m just burnt out & want to sit down & be selfish & let my brain rot watching tv for at least a 1/2 hr…let me get a Kardashians fix & then mommy will listen…well at least for 3 minutes or so until I can't listen anymore & tune you out again - hehe.
I work during the day, she's at daycare & Dennis is at school. In the evenings, it's she & I b/c Dennis is back to work. I LOVE spending time w/her & cuddling w/her & listening to her stories - but sometimes, especially after a REALLY long day at work, I just want me time.
To achieve this - I turn on Noggin & tell her to watch Dora or Wubzby or something & then I run away hoping she'll stay seated in front of the tv. Horrible!!
It doesn't happen every nite & she certainly gets more than enough attention - but my that's my confession for the week…and I feel guilty whenever I do it!

Til tomorrow..

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