Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a Fantastic weekend!

Ok, I can clearly do w/o the heat...blah...I can't even imagine how i'm going to feel through the month of July & August & apparently the last week of June (current weather forecasted - high 80's reaching 90 on Wed!!!) but i have to say, I love a/c!
So this weekend was spent doing lots of stuff. Friday Cadence & I went for a fitting & we were there for 3 hrs. I was happy to leave (at 10 after 9!!) b/c I was HOT & EXHAUSTED!!!
Dennis met us at home w/some pizza. Is it on my list of foods I should be eating? Probably not, but that late & that tired, I didn't care.
We went to bed around 10:15 & I was asleep almost right away. I was a little bummed to wake up early on Saturday since I was hoping w/nothing to do, I'd sleep in til 10 or 11...hahaha, yea right.
I could hear Cadence having a temper tantrum about something & ended up getting out of bed at 8.
We laid around & watched tv til about 9 & then got up & cleaned up. Dennis started yard work & changed cat litter. I folded laundry & dusted. Woohoo...

We showered & headed over to Lisa's to pick up the boys & Jaiden. We took them to the Cherry Festival & met up w/Lisa (she was working a booth for Direct Buy there). Lisa had talked to some of the guys that run the rides & they offered to let her take the boys on some rides for free.
The first ride was a little too old for Cadence (in my opinion anyway) but she REALLY wanted to try it.
Lisa & Malachai got into one car, Jaiden & Cadence into another. It was the one that's go up and down in a circle & spin at the same time (I get nauseaus thinking about it!). As the cars were being loaded, Malachai FREAKED out & so he & Lisa got out before the actual ride started. I hoped Cadence would come to her senses as well, but nope, she was fine.
Waiting as the other cars are loaded...
As we watched her go round & round, she looked like she was enjoying it. I was hoping that she'd figure out it wasn't fun, but it didn't look like it was going my way...
still going slow...
now they're going fast...
Til the ride ended...As she was getting out of the car, you could see that was not a "wow, what a blast" face & I was pleased.

We headed over to the petting zoo...a quick stop for Cadence to get a pic w/a shetland pony (which I'm still waiting for the email of the pic...I think we were jipped out of $5!) & then to the petting zoo.

The kids enjoyed petting the germ-infested animals...they are cute, no matter how germy they are..

The kids enjoyed making making toys...

After that, we headed to Gramma's. First time seeing her since she got here Monday! We got out there before she got home from church..we waited about 10 mins & she finally showed up. We headed inside & visited for a bit before heading out to dinner.
Cadence & Gramma at dinner...
We went back to Gramma's after dinner - I was exhausted, but wanted to visit a bit longer. Dennis tried to get her tv to get some reception - it didn't work :(
We finally headed out a little before 10 & when we got home, I just wanted to go to bed...BUT...I REALLY wanted to watch Harper's Island. I told Dennis I'd watch it for a few mins & then i was going to bed...only a few mins turned into the whole episode. You CANNOT quit watching that show - it's sooooo addicting!

I (me, yes, me) went to bed AFTER midnite!! HOLY CRAP!! that is SUPER late for me!
I slept in til 9:45 today & when I got up, dennis made breakfast - I felt bad b/c it's Father's Day, but he insisted & who am I to fight?!
We had eggs & was filling.

Marge called & asked Dennis if she could take us out to lunch for Father's Day. SWEET! We cleaned up, showered & headed over to Denny's for lunch.
After lunch, we headed over to Bed, Bath & Beyond so I could Lindsay's gift re-pkg'd. UPS crushed the box (thankfully the gift was fine) & it's awkwardly shaped, so I took it in to have them re-box it.
They obliged & she has a nice new box. After we left there, we headed over to the Strawberry Festival.
Cadence had a blast riding the rides...

After a few rides, we walked around for awhile. We found a place to relax & cool down in the shade.

Dennis offered to hunt down the strawberries while we cooled down. He came back w/a 1/2 flat of strawberries - yumm!!!
We were pretty tired, so decided to head home. We got home & watched Click. While we watched the movie, Cadence played dress up...

Now we're just relaxing for the rest of the evening...maybe I'll do a load of laundry - but I'm in no rush.

Hope you had an awesome weekend too!!

Til tomorrow...
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