Friday, June 5, 2009

Mommy Confession of the Week

Victoria at Life Starring Ellie and Eve started series called The Mommy Confessions.
As moms many of us have things that we would like to get off our chests or that we would just like to confession. So here is the place to do it!

Head over to her blog and link your weekly confession and see what other mothers are confessing.

My Mommy Confession this week is my fear of something happening to my daughter. I mean, like it's so bad I don't like her to go w/other people.

For instance, if she's w/my mom, I panic that my mom won't pay attention for just a second & someone will snatch her. I call my mom probably every 1/2 hr to check on her.

Last year she stayed the nite at my cousin's house - her daughter is 4 days older than my daughter - and apparently my cousin decided to go to a bunch of garage sales that morning. I practically had a panic attack thinking of my daughter running around w/another 4 yr old & 6 yr old while my cousin looked at things. I called her so many times that she didn't even answer the phone 1/2 the time.

Even w/my husband, when they're out & about & I call him & he doesn't answer after a few times, I imagine some horrific car accident (in which my husband is usually at fault) and I continually call until I get him & then I yell at him for not answering.

When we go to the store, she has to be by my side or in the cart. If she steps out of my view for seconds, my heart starts racing & I leave my cart & purse behind to find her (always just feet away from me)…

She loves going to my sisters house or to my cousins, but I always think of reasons why she shouldn't go just so I don't have to worry.
I don't want to scare her or make her live a sheltered life. She does over to my cousins, she does go w/my sister & my mom…but whenever she's gone, I'm worried, I don't relax.

She didn't spend her first nite away from home until I had emergency surgery to repair a hernia - she was almost 3. The only reason she wasn't home w/my hubby is b/c he stayed the nite w/me b/c surgery was first thing in the am.

I come from a family w/lots of kids & many wonderful parents, but I just don't feel like they watch her like I do.

I mean, I KNOW they don't watch her like I do. My mom & aunt are from the generation where you let the kids run around in the backyard & check on them when they cry…I know, I was their kid in that generation - I've seen them w/the grandkids/nieces/nephews..they still do it…
It just takes a split second for someone to snatch them from their yard or slip into the pool & drown…

I was the oldest of the family when I had my daughter (27 - lots of infertility issues) & so I'm a little more overprotective…the younger ones are a lot more non-chalant about what their kids do.

One cousin texts & talks on her cell while driving - I always imagine they've been in an accident if Cadence is w/them.
One lets her kids run around b/c she's WAY more laid back than me…I imagine a ball rolling into the street & her running out to get it…
She went w/a g/f for the day & her daughter & they went to McD's & I imagined her walking off w/the wrong family…

I could go on & on & on…& I almost have…but I don't see me letting my guard down anytime gets worse as I see these awful stories of kidnapped kids…we just had one in Monroe, MI (Nevaeh Buccannon) about 20 mins from my house…my guard went on red-alert & Cadence has been practically stapled to my side whenever we're outside of the house!

What's your confession this week?

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