Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Summary

We had a good weekend - busy but relaxing - but as always - too quick.

Friday started out pretty normal. I picked up Cadence from daycare, we came home & played Go Fish, Dora Chutes & Ladders & read about a dozen books!
Dennis brought dinner home when he got off work (I know, I'm a bad mom - it was a LATE dinner!).

Saturday, I went in to work for a few hours. It wasn't much fun, but the extra hours will help for all my upcoming dr. appts.
I had an appt to get my hair cut & colored & Andrea came over w/her cute little dog Beans to watch Cadence.

I dropped Dennis off at Jeremy's while I got my hair done. I waited a bit b/c she was working on a perm when I got there. The smell of the 2 people getting perms was making me sick to my stomach. I got my hair cut & had to leave w/o getting any color done :(
I picked up Dennis & headed home.

All went well at home, Cadence had fun w/Beans & Andrea. Poor Beans was never put down...and Cadence talked Andrea's ear off. Poor Andrea!
Here is Cadence w/Beans:

After awhile, Dennis & I decided neither felt like cooking & we headed out to Bob Evans. Apparently the one across from Northtowne has been closed -what a suprise...
So we headed over to Monroe St. & went to that Bob Evans.

Dinner was yummy & filling - we filled up on bread before dinner (that's what happens when you skip lunch!) and brought home lots of leftovers.

We played more Go Fish & decided to visit Lisa for a bit. We headed over there & the kids ran around & played.

I took some pics of Hennesy- she's very loving & sweet - but I don't think she likes the camera - b/c here - she looks like she wants to attack me...

About 10 mins til 9, we headed out - had to get home in time for Harper's Island! :)
After Harper's, we headed to bed. Nothing was on & I was tired from getting up early for work.

This morning I was able to sleep in til almost 9...well Cadence started interrupting my sleep around 7:30. At 9 she was laying next to me telling me stories & I was tickling her when Dennis came in & said "Pancakes or Waffles?" mmmm...breakfast!
Cadence & I headed out & had yummy pancakes.

I felt really lazy, so I didn't do much of anything. I FINALLY showered at 2 - wow! Around 3 Liz stopped by & offered to color my hair since I couldn't stand the smell yesterday - wow I love pregnancy special treatment! :)

At about 5:30 we headed out to the new gym. We stayed there for about an hour & after we stopped at Melo-creme & got ice cream...mmmm....

Cadence is finishing her bath & then we're off to bed! Here are a few random pics from this weekend...
The princess...
Daddy & the Princess

Mommy & the Princess

Here she is being mad at Dennis for some reason or another...
til tomorrow...

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