Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4th of July Fireworks & Lunch with the Family

We didn’t just lay back and do nothing the weekend of the 4th – I worked the Woodville 4th of July Celebration. Cadence’s team had a booth there to sell candy/pop/water/suckers/bracelets, etc to raise money for their accounts.

I think the booth came together nicely!!

The night before the 4th, Toledo had its fireworks display – so we went over to my friend Shannon’s, cooked out, watched fireworks had a good time. After Toledo’s fireworks, we watched another show Johnny put on with the fireworks they had bought – East Side style – in the road…ha!

4th of July in my family means lunch at Gramma’s campground. We all drive out to her place, play games, cook food & eat.

There’s always at least one conflict involved, last year it was the cousins with an uncle, this year it was my siblings & I w/my mom.

Sometimes it’s funny – you know, when it’s not you…but mostly it’s expected. Though, I will say the year I was at Sarah’s instead, was pretty awesome. No conflicts and everyone left happy. Weird.

It was a hot weekend, but so worth it to be with the family and great friends!

Getting ready to go to GG's

Dennis & B

Kennedy & Shannon

Shannon & Kennedy

Shannon, Johnny & Kennedy



Johnny lighting off more fireworks


Shannon's party
Bryleigh & Aiden @ Gramma's

Mindy & Aunt Vicki

Aunt Vicki & Gramma

Randi & Lisa

Alan & Jenny

Colin, Taevion, Dj & Bry

Matt & Uncle Jay

Cadence & Heaven
Mindy & Matt

Mom, Gramma & Aunt Vicki

Randi & Aiden

Lisa, Alan, Me, Mom

the family  <3



Matt, Maizen & Angie
Angie, Uncle Jay, Randi, Heaven & Dj

Malachai & Heaven

Jenny & Alan

Taevion & Malachai

Taevion, Alan, Malachai

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