Monday, July 25, 2011

An evening vacation...

va ca tion (noun) 1. Break from work…a period of time devoted to rest, travel, or recreation

We have not been able to take a real (at least in my book) vacation in awhile – but any time we can get away and rest is a good time indeed. So a couple of weeks ago we loaded up the girls, Cai’s friend Mackenzie included, and took them out to my girlfriend’s campground in Indiana. It’s a little over an hours’ drive on the turnpike and once we arrived – we could put into words, how worth the drive it was!
The campground, while VERY little, was so quiet and serene. The lake was warm and thankfully, did not smell. The heat was not unbearable and the food was yummy.

The girls swam and ran and were fast asleep when we loaded them up 5 hours later. I cannot wait to make the journey out again – hopefully for longer than 5 hours.

on the road

cheesin it


Buddy swimming

How does he get out? Like everyone else - he climbs up the ladder!

Sunset ride

MacKenzie & Cadence


Bry is a little tired


my girls

my princess

I hope you have been able to enjoy a time of rest as well!

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